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Fingernails Vitamin Deficiency

Fingernails are actually a hard layer of skin made up of a protein called keratin. This layer offers protection to the delicate nerves in the fingers. If you do not have a fingernails vitamin deficiency and you have a healthy blood supply, then your nail bed will reveal a peachy-pink color and smooth texture.

Lines and Indentations

While some lines and indentations may indicate an illness, or might occur after a severe illness, some lines are caused by a deficiency. Vertical or lengthwise grooves or ridges may indicate an iron deficiency or anemia. You can get more iron in your diet by eating iron-rich foods such as spinach.

Nail Shape

The shape and form of your nails can also indicate dietary deficiencies. Spoon nails are fingernails that look scooped out; the pit is often large enough to hold a drop of liquid. This is a telltale sign of iron deficiency or anemia. Another indicator of anemia is what's known as onycholysis, or when the nail lifts from the nail bed. This can also indicate a thyroid abnormality.

Brittle, Dry or Fragile Nails

This is often the result of a vitamin B and/or a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin B is an essential amino acid that constitutes the form of protein nails are made of. Vitamin D provides calcium, another nail-strengthener, and a deficiency can decrease the absorption of calcium in the body and eventually affect nail health.


Hang nails can be a result of your nails being fragile, and therefore may indicate a vitamin B or D deficiency. However, studies also indicate that a lack of vitamin C can cause hangnails.

Fingernails Vitamin Deficiency

Now that you know what to look for, you can use your fingernails as a way to tell if you're getting enough vitamins. It's important to eat a healthy, balanced diet to ensure you're getting the right nutrients. You should also consider taking a multivitamin.


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